Tinker Bell, from the Disney adaptation of J.M. Barrie's "Peter and Wendy", is a fairy who mends pots, kettles and metal utensils. She plays a minor role in Disney's "Peter Pan" but eventually landed a string of movies and series dedicated solely to her which also features several other fairy characters from Pixie Hollow. The illustration at the right is derived from a photo of Audrey Hepburn with her famous pixie cut hair. Read more...



GIMP's Bezier or Paths Tool allows you to draw smooth lines in, literally, a few clicks. The concept behind the Bezier drawing tool is quite easy to understand once you get used to it. In this activity, we will use the Paths Tool to create an eye image all with the use of a computer mouse and, of course, your GIMP program which you can download for free at www.gimp.org. Read more...

Color Pencils

Colored pencils are great visuals for depicting kid's art. This image was created using Rounded Edge gradient for the pencil shaft, the Perspective tool as well as a wood pattern for the sharpened tip... Read more

Billiard Ball

gimpworks billiard ball

The best way for creating sphere shapes is by using GIMP's Sphere Designer filter which can be found under FILTERS->RENDER->SPHERE DESIGNER at the menu bar. Make sure you're using a square canvas, having equal height and width measurements, if you want a perfect sphere shape. Read more...

Golf Ball

Golf balls are known for their distinct characteristic of having crater-like dents along the surface. You can achieve this effect using a graphic software such as GIMP given its Sphere Designer feature. This is an easy way to make golf ball images in just a few clicks without having to draw anything at all...Read more